«Basis» company has presented a unique machine able with workability up to 120 packings/minute into cartons on the exhibition «Indromash 2012»


September 12th, 2012
Maleev Sergey

Company «Basis» pays high attention to carton packing due to packing ecological trend. There was unique automatic machine demonstrated on exhibition Inprodmash 2012. It has no analog in CIS countries. It can pack products in carton box with speed up to 120 pcs/min.

Machine is produced according to customer requirements: granular or piece goods, wide range of carton size, hot or cold glue applicator. Dust aspiration, printer and other options can be installed on machine. Cartoning machine is fully automatic, so it is exclude human factor and make sure the high quality of carton box.

Food production companies as well as household chemicals companies take an interest in this machine. Demonstrated machine was delivered to their new owner after this exhibition.

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