Interview of «Basis» by «Upakovka» magazine.


September, 2012

Whatever happens to Ukrainian business today or happen in the future, it was and it is the basement for economical development of the country. But it is correct only when business means the manufacturing of products with added value in the field of material production. It is not a secret that business for today is just operations like «Buy&Sell»

Started to develop in the middle of 90’s of the past century, the packing industry of Ukraine means designing and manufacturing of tare for packing, packing materials and equipment. The foundation and growing of such companies within that period always performed some big interest for chronology of Ukrainian packing business development. One of such companies that is a partner of the company IAC «Upakavka» and Packers club carries on business exactly for that time. Today that company is one of the leading manufacturers of packing equipment in Ukraine. Our current interview is about the foundation and development of the manufacturing enterprise «Basis» from Lugansk, about successes and lucks, problems and perspectives of the development of packaging machine manufacturer with founder and the «engine» of ideas (as he was named by coworkers) at the enterprise Zamir Nachkebia.

Veronika Khalaidzhi

At the last exhibition you announced that «Basis» was preparing the machine for packing of products in cartons. What can you say about that?

Yes, currently we are designing completely new machine – vertical cartoning machine by which we will complete our packing lines. The productivity of fully automated line is about 120 carton boxes per minute. We will be the only manufacturing company on the territory of the CIS manufactured the equipment of such type.

But traditionally you were making the vertical packing machines for packing of products in a film, didn’t you?

Not exactly. We have some experience working with cardboard boxes. Earlier, from 2001 to 2007 our company were making machines MFK-1 and MFK-2, that have fold cardboard boxes for candies. This is a unique machine, nobody has designed a similar in countries of CIS and East Europe. The first brands of Ukraine and some Russian companies were supplied by that machine. We reached the stowing productivity of cardboard boxes up to 46 pcs. per minute when a famous for that time European analogue could reach only 30 pcs. per minute.

So, you are working in confectionary field for a long time and enough successfully, right?

«Basis» works with company «AVK» from 2002 and from 2003 – with «Kraft Foods Ukraine», «Roshen» and many other enterprises of this developed and hi-tech economic sector of Ukraine. Together we realized the list of difficult projects. Sometimes there were objects turned down even by some big companies manufacturing the equipment. But our technicians that have large experience working in the defense industry have found necessary technical solution. Earlier we couldn’t advert that works because of agreed confidential agreements. I think that in the next issues of your magazine we can tell you more about some projects because it is agreed by our customer. But I want to point out that we are working with companies not only from the confectionery industry.

In which spheres is «Basis» working as well?

Specializing exclusively in bulk and piece goods, we have limited the work by confectionery, snack, and grocery sectors. In spite from the previous year «Basis» started to pay attention to the meat-processing field. We have always produced transporters but logistic systems also tuned out as very interesting sphere. The autoimmunization of all processing or some of its segments can be interested only for leaders of the industry sector or interested for companies who pretend to be a leader. Without any words, business with leaders of their fields raised us to completely new level. The partnership with them mobilized us and there was a time when we decided to certify a complex of the equipment accordingly CE Regulations.

What CE certificate give to your company and how you realize the control of quality at your company?

СЕ Certificate declares about the concordance of products to European standards of safety, acting in the most of developed countries. A little bit of our history. In 2000 we had plans to certify our enterprise accordingly Standard ISO 9001. Firstly, it was very fashion, secondly the benefit have covered all costs. But I have never had exact answers for questions: «What it can give to my company?» «Will we lose our mobility?» «Will we «kill» the creative initiative of our workers?» There are questions of any director when he decides which kind of order he wants to see at his enterprise: dictature, manual or impersonal control, really working ISO or something else. The only one is clear: It doesn’t matter what kind of work arrangement is at an enterprise but it has to produce qualified products within specified terms. When in 2003 we have made our first order for a very famous company, the work have been accepted and equipment corresponded to technical task, but I have seen and felt that a client wasn’t fully satisfied. Very their specialists advised us that it was necessary to perform works for confirmation of meeting the international standard of the equipment manufactured by us. We needed for 2 years of hard work as our designers, technologists and line members had to change the way of mentality. There have been performed personnel trainings, searching for new specialists and exchanging of that who didn’t want to be changed, changes of the organizational structure. Also we needed for a half of year for certification. As a result we have not only certifying document but really we have organized processes and now we supply equipment satisfying the most demanding customers.

The quality as for us is reliability and safety. Our reliability is 60-75% of constant clients annually. And our safety is – CE implementation. Accordingly ISO, often companies use it as PR. Quality control at our enterprise is performed on every stage of the designing and manufacturing. Beginning from the studying of our costumer requirements and a contract signing, control of design documentation creation, control of parts manufacturing, assembly of units, acceptance of finished units and finishing by the warranty service. Quality of our products in the written form is verified by acceptance tests protocols, certificate of conformity of UkrSERPO system and CE certificate for meeting the regulations and directives of CE. So, technically we have ISO and I think that we will materialize it next year.

Thankfully to the confirmation of the correspondence of our products to Ukrainian and European normative documents, currently we have possibilities very important for market expansion.

Who is your customer today and how are the relations with them?

If to consider our customers by regions, we export 15% of our equipment. As the export percent is constantly rises, we are going to increase it up to 20% this year. Customers purchased our equipment waste in 2-3 times less money per year for post-warranty service comparatively with analogue equipment of other companies. That why, as I already noticed, we have a lot of constant customers. We produce and supply equipment of different configuration, complexity and complement, including non-regular designs for request of a customer, that then will not become serial products of ours. For us it is important that equipment purchased from our company work with maximal effect taking into account the complex approach to the process of products packing.

Zamir, how «Basis» differs from its competitors?

Good question. I will try to answer frankly. In the price segment to which we relate, our competitors are only foreign companies or its representatives. Our products are considered as the alternative of import - European. Quality is on the same level, price is a little bit lower, delivery terms are enough short or very short and also there is no problems to service. By the way we give our customers the ready-to-operate decision including, if necessary, a technology of packing! Complex decision from the single source! Many companies declare complexity of decisions but in practice everything is reduced to the selling of separate machines and buck passing to a customer. Designing complex projects, our specialists specially design an option or machine for technology or another request of a customer. By the way, another competitive advantage of company «Basis» – is mobility, mobility and mobility one more time!

And finally, why «Basis»?

I like a triangle, the most solid construction! It has basis – big stable side. In this way, it appears that «Basis» is the expression of our thoroughness. The most important is that the figure declares our principles:

  • In the basement of a triangle is fast and effective service – this is one of base factors of the company reliability and clients acknowledge. Our service – is defending of your investments, fast start of a project, pledge of the planed production volume, the absence of additional costs.
  • As a filling of the triangle we see quality: safety and workability of equipment – is principle of designing, production and order of parts for equipment.
  • And finally the top of the triangle is an ideal bag. This is what we seek and that what our client wants in the first turn: customer’s product packing to ideal package.

And what is it, your service for customers?

Service department is the reflection of company inner spirit. Service department is like litmus paper of a company. When I say about the service department efficiency, I mean not supplying of spare parts, it is another question. It was never interested for us from the point of view of profit. Service of «Basis» accompanies our customers during all life-time cycle of packing equipment with its constant improvement and modernization. It helps to launch new types of product on the existing equipment, involving technicians and specialists to solve appeared problems related to the process of packing, if necessary.

All manufacturers of food product have a technological instruction how to produce their products. On the last page they have an article: this product has to be packed into film of specified thickness, width and marking, and on specified machine. But almost everybody, especially companies of the middle business doesn’t have a technological description of package prepacking process. In the personnel we have a specialist with huge experience in the practical production management, injection of ISO and HACCP exactly to food industry. If necessary, we help our customers to adjust and to describe directly their process.

What new can we expect to see on the market from company «Basis», except the machine for packing of products to cartons?

We constantly watch for the development of packing equipment market, analyze new technologies and tendency of packing machine building and changes in customers demands. Accordingly new equipment, on the last exhibition we have presented new vertical packing machine ARU-12 for packing in a film. Its singularity is that additional options will help to increase number of manufactured bags and also integrate to a package system of repeated closing like zipper or adhesive tape. This year at the exhibition «Inprodmash and Upakovka 2012» we are going to present our novelties for solving of packing and logistic tasks. Up to the fourth quarter we will design new (but serial) machine for company «AVK». No comments for today. And for the next year we have plan for two new machines. No comments, as well.

Zamir, «Upakovka» magazine and «Basis» are coevals who have celebrated 15 years from the day of foundation. Remembering your warm congratulations, I want to wish «Basis» conduce the development of packing industry of Ukraine each day for many years.

Veronika Khalaidzhi

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