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Multihead weigher

A multihead weigher A multihead weigher is a fast, accurate and reliable weighing machine. The weigher’s computer determines the weight of product in each individual weigh hopper and identifies which combination contains the weight closest to the target weight.

It is the most effective to dose piece product such as dried fruit, frozen and fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, coffee beans, spice cakes etc.

Multihead weigher is used with VFFS machine or external controller separately.

Main technical specification:

Description ДВМ 8 ДВМ 10 ДВМ 14
Hoppers quantity 8 10 14
Speed, weights/min 60 70 120
Accuracy, g 0,5 – 2 g
Max weight, g 10 – 3000 g
Hopper volume 1.3 L 1.3 L and 2.5 L 1.3 L and 2.5 L
Preset product No 99
Power supply, V/Hz 220 / 50
Power consumption, kW 1,4 1,5 2,0
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 980х880х1080 440х1090х1300 600х1140х1450
Weight, kg 270 300 400

The features:

  • Multi language controller display;
  • Colorful touch screen with digital keyboard;
  • Dimple or smooth surface;
  • Statistic function;
  • Calculation function can dose product by quantity.

There are following weigher for non-standard solutions:

Multihead for powders

Multihead for powders. Closed type weigher prevents dust scattering on working site. Special auger helps to distribute product to hoppers evenly. As a result, it increases weighing accuracy.

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