Vertical packing machine BASIS-12 | Packing equipment

Vertical packaging machine BASIS-12

Vertical packaging machine ARU-12 BASIS-12 is packaging machine for premium product presentation. High quality Sachet and Doypack type bags are main feature of this machine. Reclosing system can be integrated it the bag by additional options.

Main advantages of BASIS-12:

  • Packing of most prospective and presentable bag types.
  • High quality of sealing seams and correct bags shape.
  • One forming collar for several bag types.
  • Reclosing system can be integrated it the bag by additional options.
  • New film pulling device without consumable materials and film friction.

Bag types:


Snacks, coffee, tea, seeds, specimens.


Modern design, attractive appearance, stable on a shelf and counter, keeps the form and doesn’t have visual welds due to what it can perfectly display images and text to a customer. Doypack bags because of its standing position are advantageous from the point of merchandising, they take less place and are easily recycled.

Pouche (three-weld)

Tea, coffee, specimens, seeds.


Compact, modern design, perfect for packing of small piece and bulk goods including, dust-forming and powdered, granulated products. It is suitable for group packing into a box and for positioning at the cashier desk area of trading networks.

Main technical specification:
Characteristics name Unit Value
Kinematical capacity (Max. speed) Pcs/min 60
Max. bag volume dm3 4
Max. bag length mm 300
Film width mm 130-600
Max. bag width mm 290
Max. film roll diameter mm 400
Film thickness micrometer 35-60
Power supply V/Hz 380/50 3P+N+P
Heating elements power supply V/Hz 24/50
Heating time of heating elements min Max 20 min
Power consumption kW 3.1
Operating temperature of heating elements °С Max 200
Air pressure Mpa 0.6
Air consumption (0.6 Mpa) l/min 50
Machine dimensions (W х H x L) mm 1150х1660х1950
Weight kg 480

Standard features:

  • Bag forming device by photo mark


  • Doypack forming device
  • Zipper applicator
  • Re-sealable flap system
  • Euroslot
  • Air dump device
  • Dust aspiration
  • Film perforation
  • Tear notch
  • Static eliminator
  • Vibrating tray
  • Vibrating funnel
  • Chute
  • Air receiver
  • Inert gas injection system
  • Extra sealing device for 4 seams bag forming
  • Bags top edge cutting device (design improvement)

Option of bag reclosing

bag reclosing system (Zipper)Zipper — is the most popular, useful and reliable bag reclosing system.

Zipper has a good tightness therefore it is save all taste and aroma properties. The fastener prevent product scattering, ingress of foreign materials, insect, moisture and dust.

Zipper is easy to open and close, convenient to storage and it takes a small place on the bag and doesn’t cover bag print.

bag reclosing system - Adhesive tapes Resealable flap is option for bag improvement. Bag with resealable flap is more appeal and convenient for customers. It is easy in use and keeps product original characteristics.

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