Vertical packing machine BASIS-10 | Packing equipment

Vertical packaging machine BASIS-10

BASIS-10 is most economic packaging machine. It has low operating costs, no consumable materials in film pulling unit and easy control. It provides speed up to 60 bags/min and high quality pillow bag.

Main advantages of BASIS-10:

  • Easy and fast size changing.
  • Low operating costs.
  • No consumable materials in film pulling unit.
  • “No product, no bag” function.
  • Good view and access to machine internal parts for clean and maintenance.
  • 7” Touch screen for easy operating.

BASIS-10 is a good and economy solution for packing speed up to 60 bags/min.

Bag types:

Three-weld pillow bag

Snacks, grits, tea, coffee, dried fruits, seeds, frozen products, specimens, nuts, confectionaries.


Low cost, widely spread, easy for use, good for horizontal show-cases and fridges.

Video of BASIS-10 work

Main technical specification:
Characteristics name Unit Value
Kinematical capacity (Max. speed) Pcs/min 60
Max. bag length mm 300
Film width mm 130-600
Max. bag width mm 290
Max. film roll diameter mm 400
Film thickness micrometer 35-60
Power supply V/Hz 380/50 3P+N+P
Heating elements power supply V/Hz 24/50
Heating time of heating elements min Max 20 min
Power consumption kW 3.3
Setting temperature deviation °С No more than ±5 °С for continuous heating
Air pressure Mpa 0.5 – 0.7
Air consumption (0.6 Mpa) l/min 280
Machine dimensions (W х H x L) mm 1150х1660х1950
Weight kg 450

Standard features:

  • Bag forming device by photo mark


  • Ink coder
  • Applicator «SealStrip» for bag resealing
  • Euroslot
  • Air dump device
  • Dust aspiration
  • Film perforation
  • Tear notch
  • Static eliminator
  • Date on sealing seam
  • Inert gas injection system
  • Bag forming device by photo mark
  • Feeding device to bag forming tube: chute, vibrating funnel, vibrating tray
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