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Inspection equipment

Metal detector

During production process there are risks of metal parts ingress in product. This will entail undesirable consequences.

This equipment helps to search and prevent containing metal inclusion packages to come through.

Metal detector

When the defective bag is found:

  • the conveyor stops starting alarming
  • rejecting of defective bag into collecting bin

Output mode:

  • pneumatic rejector
  • arm rejector
  • air-blow
  • etc.

This device is widely used in food industry due to easy operation.

We offer wide range of metal detectors, which can improve safety of your products:

Standard model of metal detector for most types of products

Standard model of metal detector is used for most products.

with stronger construction

We provide metal detector with stronger construction and modular belt. Transmission capacity 50 kg.

Vertical gravity metal detector

Vertical gravity metal detector. It is installed between weigher and VFFS machine. This metal detector is able to detect metal parts within product ‘in-flight’.

Combined metal detector and check weigher

Combined metal detector and check weigher. This model combine two inspection equipment: metal detector and check weigher. It enables to save money and place in worksite.

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