Horizontal packing machines

Horizontal flow wrapping machines

It is intended for packing piece product into packages made of polymer film.

The main advantages are:

  • quick change of packing type and product
  • friendly interface
  • easy and reliable to operate
  • self-diagnosis function

Bag types:

Flow pack

Video of horizontal flow wrapping machine running

Main technical specification:
Characteristics name Models
D-250 D-320 D-400
Kinematical capacity (Max. speed), pcs/min 40-230 40-230 40-180
Product length, mm 40-150 50-200 65-300
Product height, mm 60 60 75
Film width, mm 250 320 400
Film material multilayer, polypropylene (PP)
Max. film roll diameter, mm 320 320 320

Optional features:

  • gas filling device
  • alcohol injection device
  • ink coder
  • finished production counter
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