Vertical packing machine for cartons BASIS-80

Vertical cartoning machine BASIS-80

Cartoner Basis-80 is intended for the product packaging into carton boxes in automatic mode, with sealing of the carton and gluing by hot melt glue.

Main advantages of Basis-80

  • Option to complete by different type of dosers: multihead weigher, linear, volumetric.
  • Ability to work with packs of several type and sizes of the box
  • Quick and easy change of the carton format due to quick-set parts
  • 2 ways of carton flaps formation – labyrinth(for loose and powder product) and standard(for lump and small-piece products)
  • All the work modes and information about current machine condition and malfunctions with place of its location are displayed at the color touchpad operator panel.
  • Rejection of the unfilled and not completely filled cartons, and also rejected packages that was created after possible machine emergency accident (emergency STOP-button usage, the door opening during cartoner work, short circuit, etc.)
  • Integration ability of additional component parts for information printing (the manufacture date, batch, the party number and so on), the product sealing, dust aspiration, etc.
    • Video of BASIS-80 work

      Основные технические характеристики BASIS-80:
      Loading type Multihead/linear weigher or volumetric dozer
      Glue type Hot melting glue
      Speed, mincartons/min4080100
      Carton sizes:
      • Length
      • Width
      • Height
      Ways of carton flaps formation Labyrinth; standard
      Power capacity with glueing device, maxkWT1,32,752,75
      Machine weight (without additional devices), maxmm3200
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